Are you here because you’re ready to become the husband you've always known you can be?


Become the man your wife fell in love with.


This isn't therapy, it's coaching.





Everything else in your life is coming together except your relationship?

You’re checking off all the boxes... You're working on the money, the job, the house, the friends, but your marriage is still on the rocks.

Are you feeling like your wife is turning into more of a roommate? Does she feel distant and you cant seem to ever make the right decision? Are you feeling unappreciated for everything you do? Maybe your sex life has changed and the spark is gone. You feel like you're walking on egg shells to avoid another argument about taking out the trash. 

Have you told yourself maybe you just need to just “try harder”? Been overly critical of yourself to no end? Sought out podcasts, books or YouTube videos to find the answers? The frustration is so high that even the gym isn't helping. You go from 0-100 over the smallest things and don’t know why? 

At this point you might be feeling frustrated, anxious, or lonely. Even when you’re surrounded by your family and the people you care most about. Maybe you've tried cold plunges, sauna, breathing techniques, martial arts, therapy, or even couples counseling.

All the while, what you really want is to be respected, loved, appreciated and feel like a great Husband and the leader of your family.



I’ve been exactly where you are.

I wanted to be a husband I was proud of and  for my wife to feel the same way.  Someone she knew she could count on no matter what. I thought I had everything I needed in life to accomplish that… I had the six-figure job, the bills were paid, a roof over our head, investment properties, the car, the vacations, and a beautiful wife to share it all with.

But even with what I thought was “having it all” there was still “trouble in paradise.” My wife and I became distant and we felt like roommates, We were always walking on eggshells  trying to avoid the next argument or conflict.

We tried couples counseling, individual therapy, I scoured the internet and YouTube for information on what I was doing wrong and how I could fix it. I tried to have better morning routines, martial arts, the gym, cold plunges, sauna, meditation, breath work, and even psychedelics. But no matter how many hours of self-improvement podcasts I listened to or books I read nothing seemed to make lasting change for me.

I felt defeated, like a failure, like no matter what or how hard I tried nothing would ever work. Looking back, I know I had bouts of deep depression and overwhelming anxiety. It didn’t matter if everything else in my life felt like it was good, if my marriage wasn’t right, what was it all for anyways?

And yet deep down a part of me always knew that the transformation I really wanted WAS possible.

That’s why I created The Husband Coach… You’re in the right place and have the road map to get to where you want to be. All that’s left is to take that same desire for change and channel it into stuff that actually works.

I’ve been on this journey for over 7 years now and I’m so passionate about helping you become the husband you’ve always known you can be. I know the daily struggles of trying to keep it all together for your family all while suffering in silence. I know the heaviness that it is to carry it for years all on your own. I am here to tell you that what you want is possible and I’m confident I can get you there. I know you have what it takes, all that you need is the right support to get there.


If you’re like me, you want to be a great husband, father, and man.

You want to be a husband that you're proud of and  have that reflected back to you by the way your wife lights up with a smile as you walk into a room. Secretly you dream of a life where you're not arguing all the time.

Imagine finally getting the support you need to actually turn things around, you're communicating well, your stress is down & when your lady is having a difficult time you're the one she's running to instead of being the reason why she's running.


Together we can get you on the right path and not waste any more time searching for answers or how to “fix” the problem.

I will come up with a highly customized program specific to your current needs and you will have a deep understanding of what's actually happening.

I take the guess work out of your transformation and get right to the root of what’s going on. This program will save you from spending thousands searching for answers and get you the  results you want.

Imagine if you could finally enjoy everything that you’ve worked so hard to build, with the person you care about most, and create a house full of love instead of tension for your kids.

I know you’re here for a reason and I am excited to speak with you. The next step is booking a call with me to discuss the specifics of what’s going on for you. On our call we will talk about the things you are struggling with, what your desired outcomes are, and if we’re a good fit to work together.

Due to the amount of effort I put into my clients I only work with a limited number of men at one time so be sure to book your call today.


"Jason’s dedication to his self-growth and ability to integrate his shadow has been nothing short of inspiring. His gift of Coaching has been something that has always been there: couple that with his own self-healing and path to awareness has made him a force to serve and help other to become the best versions of themselves. You won't regret investing with him."

David K

"Jason has been a godsend. After working with him I'm feeling back in control of my marriage & life and more ready to take on challenges. I've overcome feelings that have been holding me back (unknowingly) for 25 years. He helped me shed the shame I held onto and get back into living the life I want to live."


"Jason’s commitment to this work shines through in every call we have. His ability to guide me with his knowledge and easy to understand concepts helped me even after just 1 call together. Before working with Jason I was always anxious & frustrated but I really do feel like I have a road map of how to fix my marriage & life with a feeling of renewed possibility for my future."


I’m stoked and honored for you to be reading this. You're closer to all the answers than you think. What if you were only one call away from the support you needed to become the man your wife fell in love with?

Looking forward to our talk,